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Wanna Know What's Fun...?

Talking to interesting people about subjects I know. It's a hoot, and I always have a good time. Let me know if speaking to your group in person or on a webinar is something you'd enjoy as well.


Potential Topics

  • Five Steps for Keeping Schools Safer From Gun Violence

  • Real Police Work vs. "Hollywood" 

  • Using Police and Courts Effectively When Your Friend, Employee, or Loved One is Trapped in Domestic Violence

  • Interview and Interrogation for Writers and Actors

  • Outlining Your Non-Fiction Book

  • Preventing Elder Abuse

  • Way of the Blue Line: Ten Things Cops Know About Life That You Should Too

  • True Crime (specific to your group's concerns, questions)

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A Few Previous Engagements:


  • Women's Fiction Writer's Association

  • University of Arkansas

  • WalMart Corporate Headquarters

  • Arkansas Bar Association

  • Texas EMS Conference

  • Rotary International (so, so many chapters)

  • National Child Protection Training Center

  • National Coalition Against Sexual Assault

  • St. Edwards' University

  • Arkansas Library Association

  • Criminal Justice Institute

  • Dallas Conference on Domestic Violence

  • Too many police departments to name 

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