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Ask the Cop

You have a question?

I'll make up an answer. 

I genuinely enjoy such questions. Please feel welcome to send me any questions you may have about the life and efforts of paramedics and/or police officers (  I am always happy to help if I have the time, and I may even use your question for this section of the website. We writers are all in this together, so please alert me when you publish an article, essay, or book if I helped in any way. I’ll be sure to boost your big day on my social media, and we’ll celebrate together.

I belong to a number of writers’ groups, and I speak at conferences and professional development seminars across the country. At every single meeting and seminar someone approaches with a question about police work. Often I get emails from writers of mystery and suspense asking questions about criminal procedure, warrants, arrests, CSI, handcuffs, and, inevitably, (sigh) donuts.

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