• David Lane Williams

The Twenty Year Overnight Success Plan

The last several weeks have been spent producing and directing a short film called Bee Sting and a Horse Kick. The dark comedy is based on a short story I wrote nearly twenty years ago after my vasectomy, so it was especially gratifying to wrap this film that has been waiting to come alive for such a long time. Post production editing begins today, and I feel like an expectant father waiting to see the first rough-cut of his new baby.

This was the most complicated and challenging project I’ve produced or directed to date, and I was pleased with how it all went. The model for shooting was to use student crew members from the local community college mentored by industry professionals, and casting a combination of professional and amateur actors. I think it worked, and I am genuinely excited to have you see it when we enter the festival circuit this fall.

Let’s call the theme of this post Perseverance. I’ve waited a long time on this story, modifying it countless times, workshopping it with writers and actors I respect, and finally jumping on the opportunity to get it well-filmed despite a low budget. We hear stories of stick-with-it-ness all the time, but it’s a message worth repeating. Dreams are great, but they’re as wispy as clouds without follow-through. I'd be less without big dreams, but I'd be nowhere without the drive to finish. Go get your dreams made, and be well. I'm rooting for you. David