• David Lane Williams

As to Process

For this post I thought it might be interesting to speak about my writing process a bit. One of the techniques I use when writing prose is to also write each story as a screenplay. I do this because writing in this format forces me to focus on action and dialogue in a unique way. Every time I use this technique I come away with some fun new action for the characters to do, and some better way for the subjects to say what they need to say. Yes, this takes more time, but what's the hurry? Far better, I say, to create more vivid and rich stories by forcing my mind to look at the same scenario from a different direction. (If you want to get really carried away with this technique, do the same story AGAIN as a stage play. This format forces you to think in even deeper ways about dialogue.)

The following is a short script adapted from the Snake Oil & Snow Cones novel. These scenes detail Callie's falling out with her adoptive father, and writing this scene made me think about Angela (dear, sweet Angela who is blithe personified) wading into the pond without a care in the world. Note: screenplay format doesn't translate well into these blog settings, and I'm not computer savvy enough to be able to fix it. Nonetheless, you can get the idea. Once you read this, it might be worthwhile to go back and read the short story, Crosses to Bear, posted earlier this year. Compare the two, especially the section of short story that corresponds to this script.

As always, be well and happy. Until next time...

UPDATE: I'm currently entered in a screenplay contest that doesn't allow any portion of the screenplay to be uploaded to the internet. Subsequently, I've taken the snippet down until I win the contest, at which point I'll put it back up. (Ain't that a kick in the shin?) My apologies, and I'd be happy to send you the snippet if you want to see the actual comparison to the prose. 7.