• David Lane Williams

Samples & Short Stuff

I do my best writing on walks. I don't recall ever having ventured out over the last twenty years and not been excited to get home and get some new scene or phrase down on paper. I know what you're thinking. Why not take a pen and pad with me? Because the moment is the moment, and walks are for time alone, with my wife or boys, or with the dogs. Pad and paper can wait.

That said, the moment is now upon me to release my prose children into the world and see how they survive. This is simultaneously exciting and uncomfortable for me, but I've always told the boys that greatness can't exist within the comfort zone. Time to get uncomfortable.

I think what I'll do in this blog I've titled Samples & Short Stuff is to add in some--well--samples and short stuff from my writing. I envision chapters of my works in progress, short stories that have been thrown into the stew pot to become part of something bigger, or perhaps just random thoughts about where I'm heading. I'm new to this whole blogging for fiction thing, so allow me a bit of range as I figure it out.

I'm also interested in "interviewing" some of my fictional characters, both as a way for you to get deeper inside their heads, and also as a method for me to learn more about them as well. Could be fun. Let me know if you have questions for them, and I'll certainly let you know when I start.

With that, let's get started. I've got some blog posting to do...followed by a walk with my best friend. Be well and happy. DLW