Published Works


For the loved-ones, friends, and co-workers of anyone living a domestic violence nightmare. Simple, effective steps to make a difference.

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Effective actions YOU can take to make your school safer. For teachers, parents, administrators, and students. Don't wait on a dysfunctional congress to "fix" it. 

Ready to Pitch

Snake Oil on Snow Cones

A book club comedy-drama about Callie Wind, a religion-despising amusement park owner finding it tough to forgive her daughter the "sin" of becoming a television evangelist

Tagline; Callie held a rainbow...and then it spilled. 

Badge in a Shadowbox

The first novel in a series about a dedicated detective who becomes an investigator for the public defender's office after an attempt on his life leaves him "unfit" for police duty, only to discover cops he has always considered brothers are conspiring to destroy him.

A Duel of Glass and Mud

A novel based on a screenplay I wrote by the same name about a military officer who chases a serial murderer from the trenches of World War I to a still-wild 1918 New Mexico, all while being filmed by an early documentary filmmaker. 

In Progress

Poisoned Ashes

A re-write on an old work: Two paramedics stumbled onto a conspiracy to sell poisoned medicine. 

Misfit Toys

A suspended cop takes his emotionally-damaged brother to a border town in Mexico to get him the medicine he needs to survive.