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Prom night, 1980. That's me on the left. You'd think with this level of dork factor we couldn't have gotten dates, but we did...with real teenage girls...honest. 

pagosa springs.jpg

But it all worked out okay.

The "WHY"

Every great venture starts with the WHY. In the case of this website, the why is that I am a writer slogging away daily to become a well-respected and well-compensated one. I want to make you laugh and cry in a single scene, to recall an image so vividly your fork stops midway from the plate, to remember losing your first love with a pleasant, nostalgic ache, and to give you a memory that'll make you smile on your deathbed. Worth a shot.



This site is devoted primarily to my works of fiction, though some of my non-fiction occasionally filters in on matters for writers, parents, and anyone who dreams big. To that end, I'll use the Samples and Thoughts button to display some of my works in progress, much as an artist or photographer might do with an online portfolio.  


If you have a comment or question, give me a shout at  I'd like to hear from you, and I'd love to hear your WHY. 

Very first book signing...wish I had better handwriting.

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