"Holy hell, D.L. Williams!!!! I LOVED THIS!! Seriously, so so glad I sat down to read this afternoon. Pure gold!"

Laura B.,  Depere, WI

"I am laughing out loud so hard that my chair is bouncing and I spit on myself."

Karen C., Jim Thorpe, PA

From Snake Oil on Snow Cones, a novel

The most dangerous of carnival perils has always been other people’s germs—drunk ride operators and bolts missing from wooden roller coasters notwithstanding. Read More

From Badge in a Shadowbox, a novel

The front window of Aye Candy displayed a hand-scrawled poster warning that knife-fighting, “rough-stuff with the entertainment,” loitering, and biting would not be tolerated...  Read More

Albuquerque writer with extensive experience in long-form fiction, training curriculum, script writing, novel-to-screenplay adaptation, and screenplay revision.



World, say hello to Daisy Luna, the newest member of the Williams family. I'm pretty confident she's the most beautiful, intelligent, and talented child ever born. I've already established my expectations for her, and you're free to listen in on the conversation HERE

I was a single parent to my two sons for much of their lives. They've always been pretty good kids, and I'm thankful daily they limited my stress level (sort of) when I was raising them alone.  They bring me great pride and joy, and their lives and happiness are my greatest achievement.

Lane left the Coast Guard last year and finished his bachelor's degree in criminal justice last May.  He's currently in a paramedic/RN program with long-term dreams of working in helicopter rescue/medivac.


Dalton is a Staff Sgt. in the Air Force, currently stationed in S. Korea and having an adventure of a lifetime. He'll finish his military career in January, at which time he'll launch into a master's program in public health. He and his fiance, Rachel, plan to live and work in the Denver area. They'll have frequent visitors. 

My favorite chifladas

The gal above in the wedding dress is Lane's wife, Margie, our daughter-in-law and our daughter in heart. She is a blessing and an extra rainbow in our lives.

I married my dream girl eight years ago, a journalist whom I met when she was covering a double homicide trial where I was testifying.  Romantic, I know. Melissa is the funniest woman I've ever met, and there's something about her voice that I find mesmerizing.  Plus, it doesn't hurt that she's flipping gorgeous.  She's been great with the boys, and I feel truly blessed she is in our lives.

Beyond work, family and writing, I enjoy anything having to do with water.  I'm an average athlete in most settings, but there isn't much I can't do when aquatics is involved.  Melissa and I travel often, and we plan to dance,  hike, kayak, snorkel, photograph, and eat our way through this world until our very last day.  

The only "kids" Melissa and I still have at home are of the furry variety.  Both dogs are rescues, and they go with us almost everywhere.  Neither seem particularly interested in college or a career, so we've accepted they'll be around forever. 

Finally, I am a retired public safety officer.  I was a paramedic for thirteen years and a cop for twenty, with five years in the middle when I performed both functions.  My assignments over those thirty years included Advanced Life Support ambulances, Helicopter rescue/medivac, Patrol in high-crime beats, SWAT medic, Detective in a Violent Crimes unit, and Community Oriented Policing. I had a ball.  

I mention all this because a significant amount of my humor and insight stems from those foundational encounters.  I could not write character-driven stories infused with gallows humor and the quirky, messy tales from the "streets" where I worked had I not lived these experiences.​           

I very much value your thoughts and questions, and I'm committed to responding to all the nice ones.


E-mail me at dlwfpd@gmail.com


From our family to yours, be well and happy, David