First Chapter of Badge in a Shadowbox

Word docs don't translate here. Please forgive the formatting, and enjoy the read. Chapter One The front window of Aye Candy displayed a hand-scrawled poster warning that knife-fighting, “rough-stuff with the entertainment,” biting, and loitering would not be tolerated. Lane Watters scanned the parking lot from a puma-black Crowne Vic, watching patrons scurry between neon and shadow. He thought about calling for backup but decided against, knowing how long it would take for Dispatch to break a patrol officer free. He also considered calling home until he noticed the time. It was a school night, after all. Watters was in his usual plain-clothes attire of sport jacket and slacks—no tie except

First Chapter of Snake Oil on Snow Cones

As always, sorry for the formatting glitches. Word docs don't always translate well here. Happy reading. Callie had always been one to sit on the front row, raise her hand, volunteer to feed the class bunny over winter break, and share what needed sharing, whether that be scratch paper or a pair of dry socks. Her favorite teacher, Mrs. Temple, taught tenth-grade typing and shorthand. Mrs. Temple was the sort to lay an embroidered pillowcase over the hands of any girl glancing at her keyboard or to apply a strip of masking tape over the lips of those caught chatting during dictation exercises. She was a geyser of business-skills wisdom, which she generally dispensed over the clacking of two-d